R&R Mid-Week Wellness Retreat

Renew + Restore: A Journey from Stress to Joy

November 14 to 17, Sunday through Wednesday

This self-nurturing autumn wellness retreat is an opportunity for you to shed the layers of stress that have accumulated during pandemic life. By learning how stress works, you can identify it and apply practices to decompress before it becomes chronic.

Experienced yoga teacher and yoga therapist Lila Lolling and co-facilitator Erik Phillips-Nania, for a 4-day immersion that takes you on a journey from stress to joyful living. According to ancient yoga wisdoms, peace and bliss are your true nature. So if you are not experiencing these 'natural states', what’s getting in the way?

During this retreat, we dive into the nuances of how stress impacts your physical, mental, and emotional bodies as well as investigate the signs and symptoms of your stress-triggers. This enables you to more easily navigate the ever-changing tides of life while also gaining an array of tools to transform and release stress in the moment.

You will also experience:

  • enlightening talks + discussions
  • guided meditations + conscious relaxation sessions
  • yoga asana + breathwork classes: all levels
  • dedicated self-reflection + journaling time
  • nourishing nature adventures & fire ceremony
  • informative theory-based workshops on stress and its impact



November 14 to 17, Sunday through Wednesday

7am: Breakfast Snack + Morning Medicinal Tea

7:30am - 8:30am: Morning Meditation + Dharma Talk

8:45am - 9:45am: Yoga Asana + Breathwork

10am: Brunch Buffet

11am - 1pm: Free Time *

1pm - 2:30pm, Monday Workshop: "Stress + its Impact"

1pm - 2:30pm, Tuesday Workshop: "Recognizing + Mitigating Stress"

1pm - 2:30pm, Wednesday Workshop: "Transforming Stress to Cultivate Joy"

2:30pm - 4:30pm: Free Time * + Afternoon Snack

4:30pm - 5:45pm: Reflect + Connect Session [indoors or outdoors, weather permitting]

6:30pm: Dinner Buffet

8pm - 9:30pm: Evening Meditation + Dharma Talk

* Free time is dedicated downtime to read, relax, nap, walk in nature, self-reflect, etc.



$649 early bird tuition plus accommodations.

Special room rates for this retreat range from $120-$230 per night (3 night stay) depending on room type. Room rates stay the same, regardless of how many people occupy the room. Each room has a private bathroom and many have epic views.

Locals choosing to commute are welcome to attend for tuition rate only.



To book this retreat and receive special pricing, please call the Minnewaska Lodge, (845) 255-1110.

For any questions, please contact Erik, Director of Programming: (845)255-1110, or email stay@minnewaskalodge.com

Please note, the intention is for a small group of people to go safely within and transform your stress. The intimate nature of this retreat awards you more time to be personally guided by Lila.


Lila (Leela) Lolling is a Classical Yoga instructor, climate activist, and author of Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga. She has been featured in leading yoga magazines for her social justice work advocating yoga be available in American Sign Language ASL. In 2018, Lila presented at the United Nations International Day of Yoga where she spoke about the relationship between yoga and world peace. She has over 20 years study and teaching experience in the fields of yoga philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. She is also a yoga therapist with a specialty within the nervous system, since yoga was a medicine for her that stopped her epileptic seizures. It is this reason she is passionately driven to share the ancient yoga wisdoms with others.

Erik Phillips-Nania

Erik is director of programming at the Minnewaska Lodge, yoga instructor, and author of Climate Change Yoga. He earned his bachelor's in environmental policy and international relations at the University of Colorado at Boulder, earning the highest honors, summa cum laude. He then went to Vermont Law School, wrote an honors Masters Honors Thesis at VLS on healthcare system, and worked to reunite climate refugees for the United Nations Refugee Program (UNHCR). He practiced Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation and studied yoga while living in a cave for the next few years. Erik has also been a professional rock climber and has climbed at the Gunks for the past 20 years. Erik is honored to offer and carry forward the ancient, sacred Knowledge of the Vedas, Vedanta, Gita, and Yoga Sutras. Erik teaches yoga and meditation at the local yoga studio, Stone Wave Yoga.