Native American Heritage Day with Jonah Drumming Wolf.

November 27th, 3pm to 6:30pm. 

Celebrate Native American Heritage Day by reconnecting with Nature, with Native American wisdom traditions.

Jonah Drumming Wolf will be your guide. You will learn about the five elements of survival strengthening your resilience: shelter, fire, water, food, tracking & awareness. You will learn how Native Americans survive and thrive for thousands of years before our "high tech" modernity, in balance and harmony in the "wilderness."

Jonah Drumming Wolf has taught a vast array of skills including Shamanic meditation, survival, martial arts, yoga, tracking & awareness, and energy healing on the West Coast, as well as the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas since 2017. He enjoys traveling the world on a quest for accumulating ancient wisdom and teachings so that he can share the light of knowledge and skill to help illuminate the world. Jonah provides an integrated understanding of Shamanism, Meditation, Music, Nature & Survival helping you overcome obstacles and create new possibilities for the life you feel called to live.

ALL ARE WELCOME! Families encouraged to come together!

$35 per person or $60 per family.
Guests at the Lodge get a 20% discount.

Event hosted at Minnewaska Lodge.

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