Minnewaska Lodge’s Coffee!

Meet Melissa & Britt, Owners of Monkey Joe

“The coffee is delicious…” – Review, 2021

“Better coffee than most hotels…” – Review, 2021

“The coffee was perfect…” – Review, 2021

The Minnewaska Lodge is proud to serve locally roasted coffee from Monkey Joe, owned by Melissa and Britt.  Thanks to Monkey Joe, guests at our Ulster County travel lodge are regularly commenting about the amazing flavor of our coffee. 

Monkey Joe was started in 2000 by an Italian family who built a thriving business. Melissa and Britt purchased it in September 2019.

Britt grew up in the Albany area, attended Siena College, and then made her way to Kingston after a stop in Saugerties. Melissa is a Dutchess County native, having left to pursue a few degrees in music and returning over a decade ago. Both now live within two miles of Monkey Joe’s Kingston shop, which makes for an easy commute on those snowy winter mornings.

Owning a coffee roasting business was not ever the plan, but the options were to work for someone who did not understand, know, or love the business and its customers or buy their jobs. 

Their stuffed monkey collection became a monkey barricade to cordon off the shop during COVID. They eventually transitioned to a walk-in business so that no one had to quarantine un-caffeinated. They roast every week, ensuring all their coffee is super fresh. 

Melissa and Britt meet so many interesting customers every day, whether they are from down the street or across the country. They have been on an Americano kick, using shots of their delicious, super-secret house espresso with hot water. It is super smooth and has just enough depth to hold up in your latte. 

The local coffee scene has exploded in the past few years. When the shop opened, the majority of sales were cups of coffee – actual drip coffee. Then the bigger coffee businesses created a market for espresso-based beverages – cue the caramel macchiato – and suddenly, they were pulling shots like espresso was on sale. So it’s been fun to watch the progression on that front – and how it's been reflected in Kingston’s coffee culture. We recommend that visitors stop by!

If you would like to learn more about the coffee provided by Monkey Joe, as well as any other dining options near New Paltz, PA, reach out to our staff today! And, as the Monkey Joe team likes to say, “Taste No Evil.”